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Remote monitoring system
Microqual Remote Monitoring System
The Microqual Remote Monitoring System has the ability to monitor and control various critical parameters in a telecom shelter housing the BTS, battery bank, diesel generator, etc., Up to 40 different qualitative status' are monitored in real-time including AC Mains failure, Generator on/off, door open/close, etc., There are 4 quantitative measurements made as well including diesel fuel level, temperature, humidity, battery voltage, etc., Additionally, the unit can accept commands from the Network Operations Center or via a mobile phone to control up to 5 parameters including resetting the BTS, start generator, etc.,
Multiple Communication Modes
The device has multimodal communication capability - via the Internet, via wireless GPRS, and via SMS. The system is equipped with dual SIM modules to add redundancy to the communications channel. The system sends a “heartbeat” signal to inform that all-is-well at the site in the event that there is no alarm conditions to report. Any change in status is instantly communicated to the NOC as well as the project team members via their mobile devices.
Operational & Energy Savings
Deployment of these units in the field are expected to significantly increase the availability of the sites as well as improving the time to respond in the event a technician has to be dispatched to the site. Accurate monitoring and control of the temperature, generator, fuel, energy consumption, etc., results in significant savings of total energy consumption at every site. The unit is designed to be low cost and flexible to be applied to both metro and rural sites.