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Tower in a Day
Camouflage Solutions
Microqual is dedicated to providing its customers with cost-effective and innovative products backed by excellent service. We are renowned for thinking 'outside the box', challenging the accepted rules to gain improved functionality without extra cost. Whatever your requirement we have a solution.
Camouflage Tower Technical Details:
Lengths – 15, 18, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 meters
At the core is a monopole
Foliage and trunk are added to match surroundings looking like a Palm tree of Pine Tree as per the requirement
Antenna is hidden behind material transparent to RF transmission
Wind speed: 160-170 kmph
Long life
Hot dip Galvanized steel- 120 Microns thickness
Material used as per ASTM 123 Std
Being a monopole with all cables, ladder, etc., enclosed, tower is ~50% heavier
Specialty material used for tree bark and foliage
Minimize attenuation
UV protected to withstand sun light, temperature fluctuation, etc.,
Application areas:
Commercial Complex
Apartment complexes
Religious places
Minimize attenuation
Railway Stations
Reduced environmental and visual impact
Easier to obtain construction permits
Aesthetically pleasing view