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Microqual's DNA
Our DNA is very simple - Singular focus on the Customer! Everything we do starts with the customer - from the very first product that Microqual produced was at the request of a customer, to setting up a coaxial cable plant was to help the customer, etc., Today, through many iterations of this process, Microqual have begun understanding the customers' core issues. We use this knowledge to go across the world to find solutions to these issues and take it back to the customer as a viable commercial solution.

A different Mindset... We are proud to know what we don't know - this knowledge helps us identify the various components required to form a complete solution in an effective and timely manner. It makes us agnostic to suppliers and we choose only the best-in-class. A good example of this is our factory in Aurangabad - while there were several suppliers of equipment to manufacture coaxial cables, we made a strategic decision that in order to compete with the best in the world, we should have the best factory in the world. All the equipment to manufacture cables came from Rosendahl of Austria, a well established leader in this space.

Our People...
The mindset of getting only the very best hods across the spectrum and applies to our Human Talent as well. Rather than learn our own lessons, we have decided to get the best talent there is so that we get their experience and knowledge instantly into Microqual in addition to their contacts and relationships as well.

Knowing what we don't know helps us acquire the needful either organically or from the outside... Our processes take the human error out of the system.. Singular Focus on the Customer! - it sums up our DNA

Among the C-level management at Microqual, there are more than 100 years of diverse experience. This includes experience in different countries, MNCs, product development, global account management, international sales, managing teams spread out across multiple continents, delivering customer satisfaction all the time. This team has chosen to join Microqual based on their individual due-diligence and the opportunity they each saw separately.

Our Processes...
Even as an Indian company operating in India and selling to Indian customers, we had to compete head-to-head with global suppliers. The only way we could maintain our position in this situation was through constant improvement. In order to improve, we had to be able to measure for only then we will know if we were improving. A key to this was to have processes defined and followed for all key steps in every organization of the company. The Test & Measurement Laboratory that we have set up to continuously monitor the quality of our products is furnished with the best available equipment as well.

Innovation goes hand-in-hand with competing and staying ahead. We have a single focus when it comes to innovation - "How can we make our customers more successful in what they do so that we can become successful?" We constantly look for ways to eliminate or reduce their pain points whether it be technical or commercial.

The criteria that we have for introduction of a new solution is simple -

  • to create new revenue for the customer
  • to reduce OPEX of the customer
  • to reduce time to market
  • to be reliable and increase the overall availability of the network
  • to reduce or eliminate a customer pain point
  • to meet our profit, growth targets and be scalable
The response that we got from our customers were phenomenal and we are in the process of doing initial deployments leading to large commercial orders.

And, of course, Customer Relationships...
We believe, combined with innovation, the relationships that we have built over the years creates a major barrier to entry for others to easily take away market share from us. The barriers to entry are getting built on their own and we do not spent an iota of time on just building these. We have grown up in this industry with the customer! Since the beginning of the wireless cellular industry in India, wehave been associated with them. Today, the people we started our association with have reached decision making level people.