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Free Cooling Unit
General Overview:
Free Cooling Unit is an Air Handling Solution provided by Microqual that uses the Outside air to cool the Inside Electronics and Electrical system of a BTS shelter. It basically handles the outside air smartly to ensure the temperature inside the room stays constant.
Salient Features:
FCU: (Free Cooling Unit) is equipped with Microcontroller based Remote Monitoring Unit to precisely control the operation of the Air-conditioner. When the ambient temperature is 4.c lower than inside, the heat inside the shelter is transferred outside and the outside air is let in.
DC Fans: The DC fans act as ventilating units to drive the warm air out of the shelter and get the cooler air inside the shelter. They operate at 48V D.C. which can be directly obtained from the BTS batteries.
Temperature & Humidity Sensors: The sensors are placed inside and outside the shelter. When the temperature sensor senses the outside temperature to be 4.c lower than the inside temperature, the AC is turned off and D.C. fans are switched on.

The humidity sensor will measure the moisture content in the air which will be reported to the FCU.
Benefits of the FCU:
Microcontroller system for automated and optimized operation.
Energy savings up to 25% with free cooling.
Faster return on investments.
A robust green solution.
Free cooling result in reducing the operating time of air conditioner (AC), lengthening the life of AC.
Very low maintenance cost and reduced OPEX.