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Microqual service
Hybrid telecom solution Modular Design Management Unit
The Power of Communication Rectifier Indoor Power System Maximum Power Point Tracking
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Solar Tracking System Wind Turbine Air Cooling Solutions
Hybrid Telecom Solution
Our telecom hybrid systems are designed to be shipped to your location, installed within hours, and operate for years with little or no maintenance, fuel, or logistics. Our high-quality product solutions offer telecom operators the following advantages:
  • Opex reductions of up to 92%
  • Short ROI Periods
  • All in one telecom Hybrids units
  • Integrated monitoring and management solutions
The solution is designed with simplicity, practicality and functionality in mind.
The solution has all components combined into one unit for remote telecom sites that have bad, or no power grid supply.
Units are designed to maximize efficiencies around clients requirements.
Durable and reliable components have been used in the design of each aspect of solution to ensure long and reliable running life time.
Variable solar, wind and battery solutions available tailored around clients site requirements.
Solutions can either be grid tied or total off grid solutions.
Units can incorporate outdoor BTS units, therefore operator only having one cabinet for all site requirements.
Integrated management and monitoring system, for ease of control and invoicing on a rental basis.
CO2  reductions of up to 92%, to give operators the greener foot print and the environmental image required.
Operational expenditure reduced by as much as 92% dependant on client’s requirements and design criteria.
Solution has a small footprint.
Component Summary:
Cabinet, 2.175m x 1.7m x 2.2m
Bank of batteries
Generator (Sized in accordance to load sizing for system)
250 hour engine maintenance system
Regulated charging system
Fuel system inclusive of all tampering devices and fuel level indications in liters
1x19 inch rack 32U for Hybrid Electronics.
1x32U space for telecom equipment
Solar array for battery compensation with solar tracking system
Optional wind generator for additional battery compensation (dependant of area)
Graphical Representation: Management Overview
  • 7/8 Feeder entry plate
  • Cooling system Options:
    1. HEX cooling
    2. TECH cooling
    3. DC Aircon Cooling – Free Cooling
  • Monitoring and Management system
    1. Hybrid control
    2. Maintenance tool
    3. Reporting
    4. Alarms
    5. Remote management
Green Energy Management & ROI

Up to 92% reduction in OPEX.
We can Challenge the use of diesel
Green Energy Management & ROI
Green Energy Management & ROI

Modular Design & Communicate with your Environment:
Microqual Management Panel
The management panel allows anyone registered on the system to have a view of all the sites monitored from anywhere. By anywhere we mean:
  • PC Browser
  • Mobile Phone web browser
  • Mobile phone application
The idea with this wide range of access options is to be able to give you a view from anywhere of your sites and their health. The management panel has high level of security to ensure your site information is not accessible by anyone hwo does not have the required access. A “request to action” is also available by someone who does not have access to a aspecific action. This will send the request to their superior to approve the action.

All actions are recorded on the site for audit trail purposes so that any activgity can be recalled if required.

Management Unit
Solution Overview
Figure 1 shows and overview of how the entire solution is architected. If you have an API to integrate with your central management system then it is possible to extend Microqual to communicate via your API if it is not supported.

We have strong focus on providing easy available access to you. This is why there is such a strong mobile phone component present. It allows you to manage, monitor and control your sites from your phone. From here there is a comprehensive interface on the desktop/laptop via a web browser.
Multiple fuel level channels to support more than 1 tank Local on unit
Multiple Generator support Via internet control interface
Running speed measurement Mobile phone access
Remote stop & start control SMS & Email alerts
Interface with advanced battery charging unit Permanent connection to server
Multiple control access points    
All features are supported however a unit is assembled as per your requirement. It allows for small footprint at the beginning with the option to upgrade at any time with no reinstallation.
Available Sensors/Controllers
All monitoring/control expansions are smart sensors communicating on a bus. The most common sensors are:
Fuel level and cap sensors Contact sensors (e.g.doors)
Fuel consumption Motion sensors
Fuel tank tampering fuel delivery events Fuel level indication Current / Voltage / Power sensors
Fuel scheduling Temperature sensors
Maintenance scheduling Generator load control / switch
Battery monitoring/charging (Ni-Cd & Lead Acid)    
Other measurement/control unit are:
Solar power Air conditioning
Wind power Battery monitoring/charging (Ni-cd & lead Acid)

The Power of Communication

Cut your power costs with up to 92%

Login screen for the monitoring of your sites. Majority of the information you can access throught the control panel is also available through mobile interface.

Rectifier Indoor Power System
The Flatpack 2 is a battery charger and rectifier for stand-alone use or for working in parallel as part of a DC power system controlled and monitored by the smartpack. Flatpack2 is optimized for a wide range of system sizes.

Digital communication over CAN bus with smartpack simplifies system design and enhances flexibility. Realization of Flatpack2 systems is possible by fitting 5 rectifiers across a 23" and 4 rectifiers across a 19" shelf.

Main Features
Highest efficiency in minimum space: Resonant topology makes the module efficiency industry leading and contributes to the rectifier’s ultra compact dimensions.
Digital Controllers: Primary and secondary controls are digitalized. Enabling excellent monitoring and regulation characteristics. Thus, the number of component has been reduced by 40% for highly reliable, long life, trouble free DC power systems.
Heat Management: Front to back air flow with chassis integrated heat sinks give the module the most suitable working environment and no limitations in the scalability of the desired system solution.
Unique connection: A true plug and play connection system time to install and cost reducing solution.
Global approvals: Flatpack2 is CE marked, UL recognized and NEBS certified for worldwide installation.
Wireless, fiber and fixed line communication: Today’s communications demand state of the art, cost efficient and compact DC power systems. Flatpack2 delivers the industry leading power density of 22W/in3 and superb reliability at lowest lifetime cost.
Broadband and network access: Increasing network speed demands flexible and expandable DC power solutions. Flatpack2 is your key building block for future needs.
The modules are operated via the START, STOP, AUTO and MANUAL soft touch membrane buttons on the front Panel. The DSE7320 also has a TEST button. Both modules include load switch buttons. The main menu system is accessed using the five navigation buttons to the left of the LCD display.

Maximum Power Point Tracking
The charge controllers is the latest innovation in Maximum Power point tracking (MPPT) charge controllers. The innovative MPPT software algorithm is both continuous and active, increasing your photovoltaic array power yield up to 30% compared to non- MPPT controllers. Thanks to active cooling and intelligent thermal management cooling, the charge controllers can operate at their full maximum current rating, 60 AMPS or 80Amps respectively , in ambient temperatures as high as 140.F (40.C).

Included in all of the charge controllers are revolutionary features, including support for a wide range of nominal battery voltages and the ability to step-down a higher voltage solar array to recharge a lower voltage battery bank. A built-in, backlit 80 character display shows the current status and logged system performance data for the last 128 days at the touch of a button.

Main Features
Increases PV Array output by up to 30%
Advanced continuous maximum power point tracking
Full Power output in ambient temperatures up to 140.F (40.C).
Battery Voltages from 12VDC to 60VDC programmable auxiliary control Output
Built in 1238 days of data logging.
Standard 5 year warranty
Revolutionary Control:
Increase your photovoltaic array power yield with up to 30%

Diesel Engine
Special Attributes
500 hour services intervals
Designed for continous operation in ambient temperatures up to 52.C (122.F)
Cold start capability down to -32.C
Basic Engine Characteristics
Diesel Fuelled Direct Injection
4 cylindres Lliquid cooled
Naturally Aspirated    
Basic Engine Characteristics
Diesel Fuelled
Polyvee fan/alternator drive belt*
Inlet and exhaust manifolds*
Inlet manifold heater plugs
Fuel lift pump
Self vent fuel system with individual fuel
Injection Pumps
Fuel filter/agglomerate
Gear-driven positive displacement type lubricating oil pump
Spin on lubricating oil filter
12V starter motor*
12V battery charge alternator
Safety switches*
Fuel control solenoid ( energized to run)*
Mechanical governing radiator with fan and belt guard*
Flywheel with ring gear; 7.5” heavy flywheel for 1500/1800r/min
SAE 5 flywheel housing (SAE 4 optional)
Standard skid base packing
Operators’ handbook
Optional items standard on most builds.

Front Terminal Battery Models
The battery range utilizes unique and proven technology to provide a superior range of valve regulated batteries with anextended service life in compact and energy dense configurations. The Batteries are manufactured to the highest international standards and are ideal for reliable use in all wireless and fixed-line communication applications. The batteries are also widely used in cable TV, emergency lighting, power generation and offshore applications.

The front terminal battery models are smaller and ligher than conventional lead-calcium batteries. Smaller dimensions and front terminal configuration make the front terminal battery models ideal for a wide range of telecom outside plant (OSP) and small central office (CO) applications. The battery models can be installed in cabinets and 19" or 23" racks. Multiple string configurations allow battery capacity to be matched to the load and increases system reliability. The batteries are designed to cope with elevated temperatures an harsh environments. Advanced and unique batteries are the choice for long and trouble-free service. Batteries have been developed to provide high cycling and fast recharge performance in applications where the power supply is erratic.

Feature & benefits
Capacity range: 190Ah – 1000Ah
12V monobloc configurations
Proven long services
High energy density
Up to two year shelf life
Very low ventilation requirement
Wide operating temperature range:
-40.F (-40.C) to 122.F (50.C)

Nickel-cadmium (NI-CD)
Low maintenance batteries for RES
Nicad batteries offers a number advantages beyond the limits of conventional batteries:
Operation in extreme temperatures :- -20.C to +50.C ( but can tolerate extremes of temperatures of -50.C to +70.C)
Long life-cycle
Charge efficiency: perform at any charge of charge
Cycling: achieves 8000 cycles at 15% depth of discharge
Low maintenance: more than 4 years without topping up specifically rated for discharge times from hours to days.
Main Applications
Photovoltaic energy systems
Solar & wind hybrid systems
Navigation aids, signallign, offshore and remote lighthouses,
Beacons and buoys
Telecommunication networks

Photovoltiaic Array

Use Conditions

Temperature Range: -40.C to +85.C
Hail Test: Limited to a diameter of 28mm
at an impact speed of 86km/h

Tenestrial: 25 yrs 80% yield
Marine: 10yrs / 90%yield
Mechanical Characteristics
Nicad batteries offers a number advantages beyond the limits of conventional batteries:
Length (mm) 1660
Width (mm) 990
Height (mm)      4519
Weight (kg)        1x Tyco junction box with 3 bypass diodes
Junction Box      Solar Cable, Length 1000mm, 4mm2thick
Cables   Assembled with Tyco connectors Hit Sm, ARC white Glass 3.2mm thickness
Front Substrate Cells 60 polycrystalline cells (156x156m)
Encapsulation material EVA-Ethylene Viynl Acetate
Back substrate  Composite Sheet Tedlar or APA
Frame   45mm Aluminum profile- natural or black anodized
Unframed dimensions 1652x982x5mm (L x w x H) (Tol.=/-2mm)
Technical Specifications
Small Wind Turbine Class I
Rated output     1000w
Maximum Power 1150w at 12ms-1
Rated win speed  11ms-1
Cut in Wind speed   2.5ms-1
Generator Type                Permanent-magnet Axial flux brushless
Rotor Diameter 3m
Number of Blades 3
Blade Material   Flore glass
Tower Top Mass 75kg
Tower Height     9-15m
Tower Type        Scissor or Guyed
Overspeed Protection   Pitch Control
Controller Type Charge or Dump
Output Voltage 12,24, 36*, 48, 110* and 200Vdc
Application         Battery-charging, Grid Tie, Hybrid, Water Pumping

Power Generation
Generating your own renewable power is low maintenance as routine maintenance is largely base on visual assessments.

Maintenance schedules are designed to suit the local, respective, wind area and power class. With a maximum instantaneous power rating of 1200W, annual energy harvests can exceed 550KWH.

Energy may be harvested at any wind speed above the cut in speed and rated output is maintained at any wind speed exceeding the rated wind speed through passive speed control. Energy output is intrinsically linked to regional wind distribution, topology and altitude as well as tower height. Potential energy harvest is estimated using an average wind speed in order to tailor the most suitable kestrel wind system to your electrical need. Results may vary based on wind distribution, topology, tower height and altitude. In order to estimate one's own potential energy harvest an average wind speed Rated output is the optimal power rating of the turbine at the rated wind speed at sea level. Without a cut-out wind speed power generation is continuous. Rated output is maintained by limiting the output using passive pitch control in high winds, which prevents over spreading inefficiencies. The Axial Flux Alternator remains cool while maximum energy is being generated in the form of polyphase high frequency output, reducing inefficiency through energy losses. The full aerofoil blades are moulded from fibre glass to protect against dust and moisture damage. The TWT-1000 conforms to IEC standards and follows the provisions in the directives IEC61500-2 (small wind turbines).

Solar Tracking System

Solar tracking station design principles according to the sun's running orbit to track the sun. The tracking error will be no more than 0.1., there are two types of tracking system: real time control system and light sense control system.

Real Time control System: Tracking the sun's running orbit and adjust the solar panel angle, tracking error is no more than 0.1.

Light Sense control system: Tracking the sun by three light sensors output signal to control the solar panel angle, tracking error is no more than 0.1.

TOP: The definition of elevating angle

10KW (8KW) Bracket design drawing.
Features of Double Axes Solar Tracking Bracket
Material is carbon steel to ensure the strength and durability.
Transmission parts use special transmission equipment, it has a small size, light weight, high accuracy long life expectancy and it also have self locking function. This design can enhance the whole system assurance factor and wind-resistance stability.
Longitudinal beam used “Zero bias” design, which located the bracket’s gravity center in 3-5mm by accurate calculation, the transmission.
Shaft will be placed in the center of gravity. This design can make the bracket working under the min reducer power, saved power and reduce the motor costs.
Beam transmission spindle used spherical roller bearing, this design completely solve “axle” and “arc” problems in the harsh environment, improve the operation reliability.
A large number triangular truss and stable structure was adopted to achieve better mechanical properties and reduce material costs.
Bracket surface treatment was hot galvanizing to make device with strong corrosion resistance and have a longer service life.

Wind Turbine (twt-1000)
  • Up to 1000 watts of power from a high performance there blade turbine.
  • Affordable clean electricity, adaptable to your needs
  • Reliable and convenient with a long life deisgn.
  • Suitable for urban living

The next generation TWT-1000 exemplifies the beauty of sophisticated aerodynamic design. The TWT-1000 is compact and unobtrusive making it suitable for urban living. The TWT-1000 is suitable in all wind classes and has a low start up to rule that requires minimal wind to generate energy. Modern living demands more applications that require energy usage. Every feature of the TWT-1000 optimizes renewable energy generation, increasing energy efficiency and cost saving.
The three aerofoil blades, with a diameter of 3.0m, are managed by a passive pitch control system that allows the TWT-1000 to continuously generate usable energy in wind speeds that exceed rated wind speed. This Is one of the best machines in its class in terms of overall energy harvest on an annualized basis. The TWT-1000 advanced design moderates noise emissions effectively, making it an inconspicuous power source in all installations and environments.
Boost solar & other renewable energy installations increasing productivity, reliability & cost effectiveness
Water pumping systems with optional water pump controller to reduce utility costs
Continual & reliable power for repeater stations, suitable for the telecommunications industry
Grid tie applications using approved inverters to reduce energy costs
Small wind farm installations
Generate dedicated power for housing, community & health centers not connected to the national grid adaptable to meeting many specific electrical needs.
Chasing the wind
Boost your site's power
Harvest: generate
Energy by wind turbine.

Air Cooling Solutions (TEC Cooling)
Product Introduction
  • This series product can be widely deployed for enclosed area climate control such like wireless communication cabinet, battery cabinet, industry control cabinet, medicine equipment, military equipment etc.
  • The Internal and external interface of product is IP56 level protected to avoid moisture, dust, water penetrating into inside of enclosure. Inside electronics equipment is completely well protected.
  • Applicable for severe ambient environment (-40~60degree), such like high temperature, high humidity, high corrosion
Working principle
Thermoelectric modules are solid state heat pumps that operate on the Pettier effect. A thermoelectric module consists of an array of p- and n- type semiconductor elements that are heavily doped with electrical carriers. The elements are arranged into array that is electrically connected in series but thermally connected in parallel. This array is then affixed to two ceramic substrates, one side (cold side) for heat absorbing and the other side (hot side) for heat dissipation. When a DC source supplied, the heat is always absorbed at the cold side of the n- and p- type elements, and heat is always released at the hot side of thermoelectric element. The heat pumping capacity of a side of thermoelectric. The heat pumping capacity of a module is proportional to the current and is dependent on the element geometry, number of couples, and material properties.

NOTE 1: 1000W = 3416 BTU/H versatile climate control options can withstand severe ambient temperatures
NOTE 2: Cooling Capacity Based on T = Ambient Temp . – Inside Cabinet temp = 0 under normal operation voltage 48VDC. (32-32 degree)
NOTE 3: Power Supply: 48 VDC.

HEX Cooling
Product Introduction
  • This series product can be widely deployed for telecom communication, power distribution, CNC machine, windmill etc. industry enclosed space cooling demand.
  • Perfectly achieve high efficiency operation through the usage of free cooling technology. It is much more reliable, much cheaper comparing with Air Conditioner solution.
  • The heat exchanger product eliminates dust contamination issue caused by ventilation perfectly.
Design Features
  • DC, AC version available for various application
  • Completely sfety protected accordingly UL, EN, CCC norms
  • Alrming output to monitoring system
  • Interchangeable and visual display service adapter
  • Automatic self start after power recovery
  • Remote control throught RS485 communication port
  • Proper deign for easily installation and service