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What is BTS Hoteling?
Centrally locating all the BTS electronics and connecting remote antennas via a combination of optical fiber / coax is “BTS Hoteling”.
What are the benefits of BTS Hoteling?
Reduce capital costs of deploying infrastructure
  No Shelter at BTS site
  No Generators at BTS site
  Smaller backup batteries
  No microwave or E1 backhaul is needed
  Potential to power using green energy
Scalable architecture
Reliability of an Optical Fiber backbone
Technology Agnostic – ready for 3G, 4G and beyond
Flexibility to provide indoor solutions
More uniform coverage with lower radiated power
Operational Savings
  Fuel filling cost minimized
  Lower energy bills
  Air conditioning maintenance costs minimized
  Fewer staff needed to run the network
  Lower real-estate rental costs
Flexibility in RF Engineering
  Provide where capacity is needed
  Deploy BTS only as demand goes up
  Ability to move capacity as required
  Centralized software and hardware upgrades
  Freedom to install sites at variety of locations (electric poles, bus stands, lamp posts, etc
What differentiates Microqual’s offering?
 Technology – Microqual has exclusive patented technology that makes transmission of multiple BTS’ output
over a single optical fiber. Microqual’s solution can be deployed over either optical fiber or a combination of
optical fiber and standard coaxial cable.
A Partnerships – Microqual has created a Joint Venture with one of the largest MSO to gain access to optical
fiber and coaxial cable across the country.