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UMTS 2100 Line Booster – Indoor coverage applications
Model No.: UMTS 2100
UMTS Pass band line Booster
Simple installation
High linearity & low noise amplifiers for maximal coverage.
24 dB Gain
10 dBm downlink output power

Product Description :
Antenna Booster: This unit is an antenna booster that can amplify Downlink / Uplink cellular signals for the umts2100 band. This unit should be placed on an RF cable to increase downlink power.
  Parameter Specifications
  Amplification Frequency DL: 2110-2170 MHz
UL : 1920-1980 MHz
  Output Composite Power 1FA-ACLR measured for 3Gpp Test mode 1 64DPCH BW=3.84Mhz, offset +/-5Mhz -45dBC offset +/-10Mhz -50dBC DL + 10 dBm
UL + 5 dBm
  Noise Figure UL @ Max Gain < 5 dB
  Pass band ripple ± 2 dB
  Max Input –No damage DL : -12 dBm
UL : -14 dBm
  System Gain 24 dB ± 2
  Gain tuning method Factory setting
  Operating Conditions Indoor ( -5 to +45C )
  LED Indications GREEN (DC ON)
  Dimension 210mm X 130mm X 30 mm
  Connectors N-Type Female
  Power Requirements 7.5VDC, 5A Max. from included power supplier