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Power Tower
Co-Locating Cellular Equipment on Power Transmission Towers:

Power transmission towers have been utilized in many countries to collocate wireless infrastructure in many countries. India has an immediate need to introduce wireless coverage in rural areas as well as enhance coverage in semiurban areas. Many of the power transmission towers are ideally situated to provide coverage. Deploying wireless coverage in India has unique challenges and Microqual Coverage Solutions (Microqual) has addressed these in a manner never done before. The solution incorporates an unprecedented approach to powering the BTS (Base Transceiver Station / Cellular Base Station) electronics, which results in a near-maintenance free BTS site. Sites deployed with this approach will result in a network that has significantly higher reliability compared to traditional approaches.

Direct cost savings to the wireless operator:

Operational Savings from eliminating a diesel generator for backup power. No associated maintenance and diesel filling needed.
Maintenance Free Power Transformer using smart power technology.
Savings in Capital expenses due to reuse of existing tower, eliminating diesel generator.
OPGW (optical fiber grounded wire) for backhaul connectivity
Faster time to market / deployment. The longest lead time in building a wireless cell site is in site acquisition and typically takes several months, followed by construction time of about 45 days. Existing site minimizes both of these times and results in a faster time to deployment. Microqual - ! 15
The proposed architecture results in a "Green Cell Site" saving 200,000 liters of diesel per day! Microqual has developed an unprecedesnted approach to collocating cell sites on power towers resulting in huge capital and operational savings while speeding time to market.

Microqual has been engaged in evaluating this approach since March of 2009 and had gathered several technical and market intelligence and is the basis of what is described in this document. Microqual has engaged world-class companies like Buckley Cable Constructions Inc in their pursuit of this opportunity both from a technical as well as a business perspective.