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Solar Panel
General Overview:
Solar Photo voltaic (PV) cells seem to be promising in realizing the goal of indigenizing technologies with steep reduction in costs. It is the only long term sustainable and inexhaustible alternate energy which powers telecom towers with solar PV Cells. SPV uses sunlight to generate electricity and reduce the dependence on conventional power and other conventional fuels.

The world over major network operators, carriers, & turnkey equipment manufacturers are turning to solar photovoltaic as the most practical & accepted technology for remote applications. Solar system for Telecommunications typically power loads form 1W single wireless terminals to 4 KW & above standalone/Hybrid systems for backbone repeater stations.
Salient Features:
Maximum Reliability Minimum Maintenance
Reduce independency on grid.
ON-SITE’ Source of power.
High performance with life of 25 to 30 years.
Series connected crystalline silicon solar cells.
Resistant to water, abrasion and hail impact.
Energy savings up to 100%

Solar Cell Performance
Rating: 6.5W/5.5W
Rating: Starting from 3KW and as per customer requirement.
Module size: 220W/Panel.
High conversion efficiency module.
Innovative design to reduce the Reflection of sunlight.
Anti reflected structured front glass.
BI passes diode to protect from short circuit.

Charge Controller
Charging control without power loss.
Processes the input solar power and outputs DC Power.
Genset ON/OFF control.
Single controller monitoring of Entire Site.
Broad Temp Application range up to -30 to 60 degree.
Easy to install and easy to maintain

Base Terminal Stations (BTS).
Digital and Analog Microwave Repeater
Fiber optic repeaters
Telemetry systems
Domestic Satellite
Satellite Radio